PT. Sama Berkat Transindo | Logistics Indonesia | Warehousing


We offer integrated warehouse facilities that is tailored to meet the specific needs
of your business characteristics and product requirements.

Feeling no need to relocate your current warehouse space?


We can also help you to design and manage your own
warehouse & distribution more effectively.

Our services :

1. Warehouse Management System
2. Racking Storage System
3. Inventory & Order Management
4. Skilled Professional Manpower
5. Material Handling Equipment
6. Tools Manufacturing
7. Warehouse Layout-ing
8. Cross-Docking
PT. Sama Berkat Transindo | Logistics Indonesia | Warehouse

We provide truck logistic service in Java Island to facilitate distribution process between Factory-Warehouse and Business-Consumer. With our fleets, we are ready to serve customers with great services. Our fleets have served various companies in Java Island on time.
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